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".....Moving in a New Direction"

Your AURA CHART reading by Rev. Sherry Lee, is an inspired drawing, moving forward two years at a time, showing your life in beautiful living color; which she believes portrays a person's own aura.

It also offers the love and healing from your spirit guides and angels in a way you may hold in your hand - a visual record of your reading.

A reading by Sherry Lee will show eight years of your life, moving from past choices and experiences toward finding newer, happier results.

** Example of an Aura Chart **

The drawing held by the young client and Sherry Lee represents a cycle in his life of learning and education – not just for his profession, but in his decision to be emotionally and physically fit. 

The (yellow) cross piece - shown happening two years ago for him –shows that at that time (X marks the spot) he began seriously taking his life in hand with the study and practice of martial arts.  He began to work on diligently achieving his goals. 

The (turquoise) area demonstrates his innate ability in communication and teamwork –the background colored in coral, shows he understands group psychology in a leadership role, which he used by successfully teaching younger students at the martial arts school.

The J. and C. shown in the sword were the initials of his grandfather; a guiding spirit at this time in his life.  

It was the grandfather that had done the drawing for the message: my client would achieve his goal.  A year later, while working part time, the young man was awarded his black belt.

My fee

$120 for an 45-60 minute 

Aura Chart Reading

** ALL readings by phone or in-person

must be scheduled in advance. 

  In-person readings can be paid in cash

at time of reading. ALL phone readings must

be scheduled and paid in advance by

money order or PayPal at time of scheduling.

(No exceptions) 


(716) 595-3174


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