Over the past 30 years Sherry Lee has been shown or featured as a psychic medium on TV, radio - in books, newspapers, magazines,

and documentaries that may refer to her unique and special 

AURA CHART readings:

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  • HBO Documentary viewed internationally...



       Features Rev. Sherry Lee

       as a medium; in interview clips; as a commentator;

       and in other scenes of Lily Dale.


       (DVD available on Amazon)


  • In the book 'LILY DALE - The True Story of the Town That Talks to the Dead'...


            - Christine Wicker (Award-winning author) refers

      to Sherry Lee as a "White Crow" for her strong                      connection with the Spirit World, after she received              an AURA CHART reading from Sherry.


"You may believe there are no white crows, 

until you see one."

  •  "Lily Dale - Family Generational Medium",  BBC  documentary.

  •  "Lily Dale: Village of Spirits",  DVD by Cooper Rock    Pictures Assoc., Vision TV Canada.

  •  Part I - 4    "Interview with Sherry Lee"                         Outer Streams Channel - You Tube

  • "Five Generations Mediums"