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About Rev. Sherry Lee

One summer day Sherry Lee heard a voice from Spirit telling her to "Draw the aura you see around people while doing their reading."  

The next morning as she gave a reading to Julia, she asked if

she could draw Julia's aura.


When Rev. Sherry Lee finished the reading, Julia exclaimed,

" Why, you have drawn my Angel !'"

This type of drawing is called an AURA CHART.


Rev. Sherry Lee is also known as "The Angel Lady" for her many delightful workshops on angels and for their presence when doing

personal readings.

   Testimonial - 

   "I went several years ago to the Lily Dale Assembly - I had a reading with Sherry Lee Calkins, who told me, 'You know, before you were born the angels had to save your father's life.  He almost died, in his twenties.'  

    And it was true!...He was in WWII in the Pacific.  He was

separated from his platoon ...for 2 weeks he had no food or water.  He lived on whatever plants he could find and crummy water.  He went from 165 lbs to 124 lbs  - he almost died before his platoon rescued him...But how could she know ?  ...Oh, that's right; she's a medium." 


 With every AURA CHART  Rev. Sherry Lee will take no credit for

the drawings.  She believes Spirit and angels guide her hand for

every reading - an expansion of automatic writing, where spirit

desires a more tangible expression of continuing love.


        For many people, spirit drawings are 

        the ultimate evidence for the continuity of life.

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