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 For 2021 -- given these uncertain times of COVID-19 -- I am happy to give phone readings.  (or during the summer season, scheduled outdoor in-person readings) in advance. For scheduling, please contact me at revsherrylee@gmail.com or call me at 716-595-3174.

                Phone readings make excellent Holiday gifts!

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"Thank you for visiting my website.


" It would bring me joy to help you with the difficulties in your life today.  Hearing from your Spirit loved ones may bring you the comfort and support you need."

REV. SHERRY LEE'S high level of expertise has been achieved

by helping thousands of people work through their issues with 

hands-on love, from family and friends in Spirit.

A reading by Sherry Lee will show eight years of your life 

illustrated in color, moving from your past choices-

to moving forward;

 finding more positive and rewarding results.   


This beautiful AURA CHART 

drawn by Spirit through Rev. Sherry Lee

 shows the fascinating colors of your own energy. 

It may illustrate your personal relationships,

 professional path, and other areas important 

to your well-being.


"Thank you, Reverend Sherry Lee for sharing with me...

My Aura reading this afternoon...It REALLY meant so much to me. 

Blessings. "  - M.  

"Dear Rev. Calkins,  Your gift is a beautiful thing...

It was a pleasure speaking with you today..."

- K.  

Contact me I would love to hear from you, 

my phone number is 716-595-3174 or via email at revsherrylee@gmail.com.